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About Me

I’m a Software Engineer based in Orlando, Florida who specializes in Salesforce implementations. I hold the Platform Developer II certification and earned my Computer Science degree at the University of Central Florida. I love to learn and am always seeking out new challenges.

At my current role I serve as a Senior Software Engineer at American Tire Distributors, where I work on various systems related to customer interaction. Previously, I worked as a Developer at Deloitte, giving me experience in a client facing role. I have acted as a leader throughout my career and always strive to nourish growth within my team.

I am happiest when I am solving fun problems. This site aims to document my solutions and showcase work that I am proud of.

Beyond work, I can usually be found reading a book, playing video games, or running. Ask me about my cat Brisket.

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Kyle Capehart
Kyle Capehart
I write code and such